Proper Dosing

16 April 2019

The Right THC Dosing in Edibles

How much will I need to feel a buzz?

How much is the equivalent of a drink?

Everyone’s body will respond differently to the same amount of THC/CBD. If you’ve never tried cannabis you won’t have a reference for what 1mg of THC means for how you will feel. Even if you regularly smoke, chances are you have no idea how many milligrams are in each puff. Discover your comfort zone is with low-dose cannabis infused edibles using the Friendibles dosing method. Our method gets you the same amount of THC in each piece so that you know exactly how much you’ve consumed.

Cannabis consumption should not be compared to drinking alcohol for two reasons:
1. cannabis and alcohol have different effects on you and they are not interchangeable.
2. cannabis and alcohol should not be mixed, so just stop associating the two in any way.

Here’s our recommended dosage

For Rookies: 1mg – 6mg (1 to 4 Friendibles brownies or gummies)
For the Seasoned: 6mg – 12mg (4 to 8 Friendibles brownies or gummies)