Together Like Oil and Water

Cannabis beverages have been legal and on shelves for over a year in Canada. There are several popular brands in the USA like CANN Social Tonics and Mad Tasty. But cannabinoids are hydrophobic, will only dissolve in oils. So then, how do carbonated cannabis drinks exist? We interview Stacy Primack, the Culinary Director at SōRSE to provide a simple, but thorough explanation of how cannabis can be made to mix with water.

Cannabis Infused Bread

If there’s one thing that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, its that a lot of people secretly wanted to make bread, if only they had the time. Social distancing and economic shutdowns have an unfortunate way of forcing us all to have that extra time. We tested out adding several amounts of canola oil and THC to bread to see what happened to the texture and if the cannabis can survive the high temperature baking.

Cannabis Milk

Is a glass of warm, infused milk the ultimate drink before sleep? Milk has been proven to contain both tryptophan and melatonin, both proven to contribute to sleep. But is it enough?
We’ve done the most amount of research for you that you’ll ever see in a post like this to help answer this question!
Feel smarter and have fun at the same time. We invite you to read the full article.

KKE Sensi Star Oil

KKE’s Sensi-star is quite strong compared to some oils on the market. Ranging from 25-28mg of THC per mL, it can get you where you want to go, even if you have a high tolerance. But what has been great for me is using the syringe to dose out in 0.1 mL intervals. That has allowed me to feel relaxed and ready to enjoy my evenings without the stress of taking too much.

Cooked with Cannabis

Back in 2004, it was Kelis’ milkshake that was brining all the boys to the yard. In 2020, it is Kelis’ cannabis infused milkshake. We did a three episode review of Cooked with Cannabis, providing detailed coverage of each episode. Cooked with Cannabis delivers low key infused foods, with individual dishes often not exceeding 5 mg THC. There is a focus on smart integration of THC into the meal. The goal of the food is to be delicious. The side benefit is that they’ll get you a little high. Perfect for infused food beginners, but we suggest you skip to episode two.

Cooked with Cannabis Review S01E03

Synopsis and review of episode three of Cooked with Cannabis, “I Do Cannabis”. Chef’s were limited to 8 mg THC for the whole 3-course meal they need to design and cook for a fictional wedding reception. This leads to some very innovative dosing strategies that open up new channels of culinary creativity. Oh, and everyone’s dessert must be their take on a wedding cake. Yum!