Together Like Oil and Water

Cannabis beverages have been legal and on shelves for over a year in Canada. There are several popular brands in the USA like CANN Social Tonics and Mad Tasty. But cannabinoids are hydrophobic, will only dissolve in oils. So then, how do carbonated cannabis drinks exist? We interview Stacy Primack, the Culinary Director at SōRSE to provide a simple, but thorough explanation of how cannabis can be made to mix with water.

The Rules of Edibles

The Edibles Rules We are all special snowflakes Everyone will react to cannabis in their own way. You may need a little, you may need a lot. | Learn More > Start small and work up Start with a little (we recommend 5mg THC) and work your way up to a lot. You can...

Activate Your Cannabis

If you’ve ever put raw marijuana on a cracker and tried to eat it, you probably didn’t feel a darn thing. The sublime effects of edibles can’t be achieved by eating cannabis raw. It is missing a very important step.

Eating It

Eating It 19 September 2019 How can we eat cannabis? Let me count the ways. Hooray! More cannabis beverage brands like Cann, Dixie and Keef are launching in California. Sounds like good news right? Well if you were tentative about eating that gummy bear then you...

THC Dosing Calculator

A THC dosing calculator! Figure out how much THC will be in your infusions, brownies and gummy candies. Edibles that are never too strong.

Holy No Smoke – What are Edibles?

Cannabis edibles, also called weed edibles, marijuana edibles or simply edibles, are THC infused foods. THC is the active ingredient in cannabis that give people that “high”, the calming and uplifting feeling of euphoria or state of relaxation. THC is most commonly infused into butter and called “Canna-butter”.