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Cooked with Cannabis

19 May 2020
Cooked with Cannabis Netflix Paused

Cooked with Cannabis Season Review

Back in 2004, it was Kelis’ milkshake that was brining all the boys to the yard. In 2020, it is Kelis’ cannabis infused milkshake. Briefly stepping away from her career as a recording artist, Kelis attended a prestigious cooking school and really got into it. She authored a couple cookbooks, had a show on the Cooking Channel and even released her own line of sauces. This well rounded resumé gained her the opportunity to be a part of Netflix’s most recent cannabis infused cuisine series, Cooked with Cannabis. In this series, Kelis has been paired up with Leather Storrs, Portland based chef who has recently dived into cannabis infused cuisine. Leather brings a more pragmatic feel to the show, viewing cannabis as a seasoning rather than a reasoning.

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Series synopsis: Cooked on Cannabis is a cooking-based competition featuring three difference chefs competing to create best dining experience with cannabis infused food. Kelis (singer) and Leather Storrs (professional chef) are the hosts of the show and the primary judges. Each episode also features several celebrity guest judges, often actors, comedians and singers. The chefs had to create a three-course meal, appetizer, main and dessert, to compete for a single episode prize of $10 000 USD. All the judges try each dish one at a time and comment on the flavour, but only Kelis and Leather (what a great name!) discuss how well cannabis was incorporated into the dish.

We did a three episode review of Cooked with Cannabis, providing detailed coverage of each episode. Our recommendation is to skip episode one and start on episode two. You’ll skip some off-putting growing pains that the show producers went through. We might even suggest starting on episode three is it wasn’t for one of the guest judges in episode two being so much fun! Cooked with Cannabis is for those of us who are interested in eating our cannabis and just getting started. The show doesn’t feature many exotic ingredients, meaning that you could make most of the dishes at home. This show eases the viewer into the world of cannabis infused food by providing lots of helpful info pop-ups and giving explanations a veteran smoker would think are basic knowledge. This show delivers great food where the challenge is fitting in a dose of THC. While the guest judges aren’t always the most interesting, the contestants are all genuinely masters in their craft by pedigree or raw skill.

Show Verdict

Cooked with Cannabis features low key infused foods, with individual dishes often not exceeding 5 mg THC. There is a focus on smart integration of THC into the meal and an emphasis on not being too stoned by the end so that you actually remember the meal. While the entire meal being prepared by each chef may total more than 5 mg THC, most individual dishes do not. The goal of the food is to be delicious. The side benefit is that they’ll get you a little high. Perfect for infused food beginners.

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