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DIY Edibles Kits

5 December 2019

Updated 2020.11.08 – Updated bad links. Revised the scores of several products.

October 17, 2019 has come and gone and now cannabis edibles are now legal in Canada, so why haven’t you bought some? There’s quite the wait ahead for legal edibles, manufacturing licenses won’t start to get granted until mid-December and you should expect the rollout to be similar to the licenses for cannabis retail; slow, steady and well behind demand.

If you can’t wait, at-home edibles were legalized when cannabis along with cannabis back in 2018. There are 3 general phases of making cannabis edibles at home:

  1. extract THC/CBD from cannabis
  2. dose proper amount of THC/CBD
  3. make delicious infused food

Many of us will focus on phase 1, forget all about phase 2, head straight for phase 3 and then have a terrible time with the edibles. The concentration will be way too much and although you can’t overdose, you can definitely be overloaded and overwhelmed by the effects.

Removing the THC requires an extraction into some fat or oil, like butter or coconut oil. The easiest way to envision this process is like steeping tea but in butter. The basic method results in gritty bits and greasy splashes but there are several great innovations to make this whole process faster and simpler. We’ll have a look at those later on.

Extracting THC/CBD can be complicated, long and arduous. You have to convert the chemicals in cannabis into THC/CBD and then remove them from the plant matter. Converting the chemicals is called “decarboxilation” and needs a very narrow range of heat to be done properly.

Properly dosing the extract into the edibles recipe is the most important phase and most overlooked. It’s not even about accurate dosing just as long as you’re in the ballpark. This part determines whether you will love or hate edibles so it’s unbelievable that it gets so little focus. Proper dosing either needs special tools that we don’t generally have at home or a clever method that requires us to do some tricky math. There are several online calculators if we need help, however only a few of them assume we don’t want to consume all of our cannabis at once.

Top Four Edibles Calculator Links

Hempster          Friendibles          Volcano Tips          Wake and Bake

Finally, the last phase is putting the properly dosed extract into food. Even if your edible creation is barely better looking than an Easy-Bake Oven cake, with a proper dosing of THC, you won’t care in about 45 minutes. What you do with you THC infusion is up to you and can range from simple to complex depending on your skill and ambition.

Several companies have put together various types of instructional kits to easily get you going at home with cannabis infused foods. None of these kits include any cannabis but depending on where you are, they may be available at your local cannabis store. Many provinces in Canada won’t permit some styles of kit in stores and so buying online may be your only option. Cannabis edibles are a wonderful alternative to smoking, not to mention more delicious. Until we have them readily available in stores, making them at home for yourself has never been easier. These kits appeal to a wide range of needs and lifestyles. The instructional kits are divided up into three styles for convenient browsing.

All prices listed in Canadian dollars unless otherwise noted and correct as of Dec 1, 2019. Only kits available for purchase in Canada were reviewed. If multiple versions are offered, only the most basic is reviewed.

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Category Ranking

This review gives each cannabis edibles kit a rating out of three for the following categories: THC Extraction, THC Dosing, and ease of Making Edibles. A ranking of ZERO says that the kit provides very little or no help and you will need outside help for the task. This rating table is best read on a laptop or tablet.



Uses basic infusion methods

Has an improved infusion method

Best infusion method available

Dosing THC/CBD

Promotes proper dosing but doesn’t provide any help

Promotes proper dosing. Some help provided

Your edibles will never be too strong

Making Edibles

Making edibles is slightly easier

Making edibles is a lot easier

A fool could make these tasty treats

Infuser Kits

The focus is on easy and effective extraction of THC into your choice of butter or oil. These ones are the most likely to be found in a licensed cannabis store as well as a head shop. While these products provide the easiest and most efficient method of getting your THC into food form, you will need to provide your own food creative however, some of them provide basic help with making food or treats.

Ardent Cannabis – Nova decarboxylator

  • Large volume infuser, up to 28 grams of cannabis at a time
  • Compact appliance, sleek design, easy to use
  • Offers add-on kits for flavoured infusions (also expensive)
  • $260 USD + taxes & shipping
  • Shipping from US
  • Online ordering

Friendibles Infusion and Edibles Kits

  • Alberta-based company
  • Small volume infuser, 0.5-1 cup.
  • Big upgrade to basic method. Easy clean-up
  • Provides a dosing chart and online calculator.
  • Good online instruction and recipes
  • Includes storage container and grinder
  • $69.95 + taxes. Free shipping.
  • Online ordering
Edibles kit rating Friendibles

LEVO I - LEVO Oil Infusions

  • Large volume infuser, 2/3 cup min butter, up to 2 cups
  • Large appliance, sleek design and several colours
  • Marketed as a general infuser, not just for cannabis. Complicated to adjust for different plant infusions
  • $179 USD + taxes & shipping
  • Shipping from US
  • Online ordering

Magical Butter - MB2E

  • Large volume infuser, 2-5 cups per use
  • Compact appliance, easy to use
  • Includes an edibles cookbook
  • Large online user community
  • Two levels of kit upgrades
  • 174.99USD + taxes & shipping
  • Shipping from US
  • Online ordering

Food Mix Kits

These kits are as simple as the category suggests; think prepared cake mix but with an angle towards edibles. You may be able to find these in a head shop but your best luck is online. These kinds of product are already running afoul of regulators in Alberta and Quebec, although for different reasons. While these products will help even the most beginner cook produce some beautiful and delicious treats, they require you to get outside help converting cannabis into an edible form.

Enjoy Angel DIY Gummy Making Kit

  • Requires access to cannabis oil
  • Two flavours of gummy candies included
  • Kit includes two moulds
  • Gummy mix is easy to dispense
  • Buy a kit and then buy refills
  • Moulds help with portioning but getting the right dose is up to you
  • Includes a child-resistant storage pouch
  • $34.99 + taxes & shipping
  • Online ordering

Paracanna – Zen Zingers

  • BC-based company
  • Requires access to cannabis oil
  • Four flavours of gummy candies to choose
  • Kit includes a mould and dropper
  • Buy a kit then buy refills
  • Moulds help with portioning but getting the right dose is up to you
  • $19.99 + taxes & shipping
  • Online ordering

ReTreat baking mixes

  • Alberta-based company
  • Requires access to cannabis oil
  • Three varieties of baked squares mixes to choose
  • No baking tools
  • Provides dosing charts
  • Preaches good dosing methods but doesn’t provide the tools
  • $9.99 + taxes & shipping
  • Online ordering maybe available when not sold out

Combo kits

An infuser combined with either pre-mixed edible powder or other tools useful for making edibles. These products represent the happy middle road between the last two categories. As you can see, the other kit categories only help you with one aspect of making great infused edibles. The Combo Kit category offers help from start to finish.

Update: these products are becoming more scarce. It looks like both BC based “The Edibles Kit” and Motapot are no longer in operation. They have been removed from this review.

The Marijuana Group – DIY Edibles Boxes

  • Ontario-based company
  • Slight upgrade to basic infusion method.
  • Moulds included
  • Includes nutritional info
  • Moulds help with portioning but getting the right dose is up to you
  • Gummy kit or Chocolate kit $41.99 + taxes
  • Rice crispy kit $42.99 + taxes
  • Online ordering

How to Choose an Edibles Kit

The edibles kits reviewed here and any future ones that come out are unlikely to be a one-type fits all product. Your wants and needs are unique which is why all the types of kits can have high value, why would you want to pay for a bunch of extras you don’t require? Some people might have already mastered decarboxylation and extraction while others could be starting from a position of skill in cooking and baking. If you’re a master of neither, buying the pieces à la carte can get expensive quick. For those whose main objective is to perfect the infusion of cannabis into food and lotions then an Infuser Kit is what you’re looking for. They’re generally more expensive than any of the other kits reviewed but they offer you the most efficient extraction and the most flexibility with what you choose to use the infusion for. If on the other hand, you’ve perfected your own extraction method, or you somehow enjoy the taste of commercial cannabis oil, then you’re likely only concerned with soliciting help with the cooking and baking part of edibles making. The Food Mix-Based Kits generally have a lower price point and facilitate some unique treats that would be quite difficult otherwise. The Combo Kits are for those of us who have no idea where to start or finish and are more comfortable with some help along the whole way, especially if this is our first time trying out edibles. Combo Kits range greatly in price but each holds their own value. In fact, each kit type offers a different perspective on making infusions and edibles at home. If you have a good connection with your cannabis edible needs then we hope this review will help you make a choice for what works best for you. Be sure to visit the websites of your favourite kits for more information.

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