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Eating It

19 September 2019
Cannabis beverages

How can we eat cannabis? Let me count the ways.

Hooray! More cannabis beverage brands like Cann, Dixie and Keef are launching in California. Sounds like good news right? Well if you were tentative about eating that gummy bear then you should be double wary about that THC infused pomplemousse LaCroix. The active compounds in cannabis are only fat soluble, ie. they dissolve in water about as well as your grease stains come out in the wash. Exactly! They don’t… unless you do something extra.

If THC, CBD and whatever other cannaboid won’t dissolve in water, then how exactly are all these brands promoting cannabis infused soda and drinks? (And we’re pretty sure most people aren’t keen on carbonated canola oil.) The only way is to chemically modify the THC molecule. That’s right, this isn’t grandma’s THC, this is the kind of stuff you kind only find out of the backend of a human liver, 11-hydroxy-THC.

That is starting to sound like some Hunter S. Thompson stuff, and it is because this is the stuff that puts you into orbit and compels you to transcend space-time dimensions. This compound occurs naturally in your body as part of the consumption experience but what the infused beverage makers want to sell you is 100% made in a lab with a pen and a pad.

The THC that you get from smoking never turns into 11-hydroxy-THC since if goes through you lungs into your blood and not through your liver. This is partly how some people are capable of smoking so much. The people used to smoking a lot will assume they can also take a high dose of infused edibles. That’s where the 11-hydroxy-THC comes in and knocks them down.

Cannabis edibles are wonderful and should be enjoyed but definitely respected them. Low dose edibles that you can make with the Friendibles Toolkit are for everyone, new and experienced. Finding out what too much 11-hydroxy-THC will do to you is like waking up with your face pressed against the inside rim of the toilet bowl. You shouldn’t need to do it to know that you never want to.

For the canna-curious, this video gives you some great points about why edibles are so much better for you than smoking. The animation and narration aren’t bad either…



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