THC Dosing Calculator

Know Your THC Dose

Three Steps to Perfect Edibles

First, you must decarb the cannabis.
Second, you must extract the THC into a usable form.
Third, you need to portion it out correctly.

Our THC Edibles Calculator walks you through the last two steps to let you know exactly how strong your edibles and infused food will be. If you need help with decarboxylation, use the link to our walk-through article. Ideally, you want to extract the THC into something more usable like butter, olive oil, coconut oil or duck fat. Cannabinoids like THC will only dissolve into fats and oils. We recommend extracting into 1/2 cup of oil or butter (120 mL) to simplify measuring and dilution into recipes.

This calculator works for anything you want; cookies, gummies, pasta… sweet or savoury! Once you know the strength of the oil or butter, use the Dosing section (Step 2) to help you with getting it right in you treat.

If you need help finding the THC/CBD content of your cannabis, click here


  • The Cooking Canna method yields 90% of the THC Total % from your cannabis.
  • There are 113.4 grams in 1/2 cup of butter. (4.73 g in 1 tsp)