The Low Down on Getting High

16 April 2019

Getting high with edibles

Eating THC/CDB infused edibles may not have the same effects as smoking cannabis. Smoking adsorbs the active ingredients through your lungs while infused edibles have to go through your digestive system. While the active ingredients are the same for both, THC gets transformed in your liver into other, very potent forms. This means that an edibles can do more for you with less THC.

We suggest that everyone starts slow with edibles and our low dose recipes are ideal! You should expect a delay of 1-2 hours before feeling the effects of eating an edible although the actual time it takes will depend on your metabolism.

Just like with booze and gambling, cannabis and infused edibles are meant for consenting adults. Store your infused edibles safely away from children and pets. Included in every Friendibles Toolkit is a child-resistant resealable pouch that confirms to international ATSM-D3475 standards.