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Easy Infusions, Friendlier Edibles

and Responsible Cannabis Use

Simple Cannabis Infusion

Cooking Canna

Our cannabis oil and butter infuser is all about improving the way people infuse THC. Go from dried bud to usable infusion in less than 2 hours.

No gritty bits, no mess.

This is the THC infusion, the most important part. The infused cooking fat that you choose will be the basis for all your flavour. You don’t want it to burn or carry any skunky aromas. With Friendibles instruction, you can choose between butter, coconut oil, vegetable shortening, canola oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil or sesame oil.

Friendibles is about knowing the strength of your infusion, so that you can safely dose it out.

What to do with YOUR Infusion?

Make Safe Edibles!

Fudge Banquet Brownies

Why they work: Intense chocolate with a crispy outside and fudgy middle.

These brownies are the ideal party-goer. They have the best taste and never pass-out at your place. At our recommended low, 2mg THC dose, their flavour temptation is paired up with sensibility in a friendly edible.

Time to make: 35 mins

Sweet Juice Gummies

Why they work: Gummy goodness with a light fruit flavour. The gentle pick-me up.

Although we prefer the sweet citrus tang of oranges, these fuity drops can be tailored to your personal palete. These light candies are perfect on a hot summer day or a cold winter night. We recommend 1 mg THC each so that a handful is never too much.

Time to make: 20 minutes (another 1 hour to set)

Have a great infusion idea?

Send us a message with the flavour you would like to see adapted for the Friendibles infusion method.

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