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Friendibles Philosophy

There’s a stigma around edibles, there’s a fear that they’re too intense and will likely ruin your day. This is compounded with the additional stigma of cannabis being for burnouts or stoners. Friendibles wants to obliterate that stereotype of cannabis and specifically of edibles. We want people to view cannabis as a fun, casual way to relax, no different than a glass or wine or a refreshing beer. Through our mission,  Friendibles wants to make sure there are no more bad stories, no more uncertainty and no second guesses.

Our mission is to make cannabis friendly. Friendibles wants a world where there is no stigma of cannabis and there are enjoyable forms of cannabis accessible to everyone.

Friendibles will achieve friendlier cannabis by
A. Teaching better cannabis use
B. Designing useful, simple and innovative cannabis accessories

In our view, smoking is not a healthy step forward as a society, and it can be a restrictive habit because of where people are not allowed to smoke these days. Eating and drinking cannabis as edibles (or infused food) is the best way to normalize it and de-stigmatize it. Friendibles promotes the mentality that edibles can be a casual experience and should always enhance the time you spend with your friends. Thinking about edibles should only bring up positive memories, the great taste of fresh baked cookies, the jokes shared preparing an infused lunch or the feeling of catching up with great friends. To achieve mainstream use, people need access to tasty treats that fit their potency needs. This is possible through practical education, not just theory and science. Though giving people useful and innovative tools that simplify the expectation of edibles and the journey to get there. Our central pillar is precise THC dosing, to always get exactly what you need. Don’t settle for a nibble of a cannabis infused edible that is too strong.

We can’t be successful until bad stories and uncertainty become history. Not until the first time you eat an edible, and every time after that, is a great time.

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