Promoting Responsible Cannabis Use

Veteran or First Timer?
A Friendibles Infuser is perfect for you

Make yourself some knockout treats that won’t knock you out. Friendibles believes that a responsible cannabis edible is a friendly edible. That’s why we’re all about low dose THC, so that you can enjoy a whole treat and feel the way you want to feel. Edibles shouldn’t be scary! For your first time, and everytime after that, let Friendibles help you ensure edibles are friendly.

Learn to infuse oil or butter and make cannabis treats at home, for yourself, your friends and your family. We provide the tools and instruction, you provide the ingredients and the fun.

Friendibles is committed to the principles of harm reduction and minimizing the negative health and social impacts of cannabis infusions. Our commitment to safer drug use is embodied by our focus on low-dose (1-3 mg) methods and our Toolkit that facilitates making them.

Set New Expectations!

Interested in cannabis but don’t want to smoke? Friendibles provides you with straightforward tools for easy THC extraction on your way to consistently delicious treats. Get control with a better infusion method that allows you to achieve concentrations of THC you can be confident in, so you can get to how you want to feel. Satisfy your sweet tooth… and your weed tooth.

Don’t settle for a nibble of a cannabis infused edible that is too strong. Be smart about your cannabis edibles and learn what precise dosing can do for you and your relaxation time. Make your own edibles at home so you can enjoy many full bites of a friendlier edible.

Friendly Cannabis Infusion

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