Welcome to Cannabis

The Friendly Cannabis and THC Guide for Beginners


So cannabis is legal now and you’re interested but have no idea where to start. Friendibles wants you to be safe and responsible with cannabis consumption. We have assembled the top 4 things to know about cannabis and infused edibles and get comfortable with exploring new things. Have a good time, every time!

1. What to Expect from Cannabis

The Active Compounds

THC: Tetrahydrocannabinol

CBD: Cannabidiol

The label on the container that your cannabis came in should tell you how much of each compound is in the dried bud. (In brackets it may show you the estimated amount when you cook it)

THC starts out as an organic acid and must be cooked or burned to turn into THC.

The Effect of Cannabis

THC this is the mind altering substance that is responsible for being “high”. When you are high, your sensory perception will change along with you mood and mental state. Most of the time, this makes us feel happier and find deeper enjoyment from our surroundings. Be sure to use THC with an open mind and positive heart and don’t overload.

CBD does not trigger a “high.” Medical studies have found evidence that is has a calming effect in the central nervous system. This has shown to be effective in treating seizures, multiple sclorosis and psychosis. Most other claims are snake oil.

How to use Cannabis

Joint, reefer, pipe, bong. When we think about cannabis, we typically think smoking. This method will certainly get you high but do you really want to breathe in toxic smoke?  Also, you’re literally burning away most of the THC in the weed.

You can also eat your cannabis. THC and CBD are both only soluble in oil; things like butter, coconut oil, bacon fat… you get it. Doing an extraction to infuse your food allows you to recover most or all of the good stuff!

The extraction part can be tricky and its very easy to put way to much THC into your food and body. Learn how to make THC infused oil or butter (Cooking Canna) and stay out of harm’s way.


Is Alcohol similar to Cannabis?

While some of the effects may feel the same, cannabis and alcohol most certainly are not the same. Both are considered downers as they depress your mental and physical functions. Both can be psychologically addicting. Please consult with an alcohol rehabilitation program if you want support to stop drinking.

Alcohol starts absorbing in your stomach. THC from edibles isn’t absorbed until your intestines. This means cannabis will take a bit longer to feel it.

Many info sources on edibles preach the slogan, “start low and go slow“. With the Oil/Butter Maker, you’ll make edibles that are always low so that you don’t need to remember silly rhymes to have a good time.

2. Cannabis Strains

Indica and Sativa, the two main strains of cannabis. There are many, many, many cannabis information sources that say strain makes a difference. It doesn’t, at least not for most of us. The truth is that most cannabis is going to be a hybrid or the descendant of a hybrid, regardless of what the seller thinks. There’s only a difference if you imagine it. With legal cannabis, this is why many products are using the terms, “indica dominant” or ” sativa dominant”. They recognize that all modern cannabis strains are hybrids and can only truthfully claim what has been dominant in the plant’s ancestral lineage.

The most important thing to know about your cannabis is the estimated amount of THC and CDB. Knowing this will let you choose how much to consume.

3. Using Cannabis Safely

Protecting Yourself

The same effects that make cannabis fun also affects your ability to do… things. Being high may mean a temporary loss of  coordination, a slowed reaction and/or jumbled thoughts.

When you try edibles for the first time, be somewhere familiar and choose a time that you will not have to be responsible or deal with strangers. Learn how your body reacts to cannabis and how it makes you feel.

Making low-dose edibles will help you find your happy space every time.

Protecting Children

Just like with voting, booze, gambling and strippers, we are restricted from allowing any person under the legal age from consuming cannabis.

It is most important to protect young folks who may not be aware how special your special brownies might be. Cannabis is scary if you’re not expecting it.

Use child-resistant storage devices for you left-over cannabis edibles and make sure they are marked as clearly containing THC.

Can I overdose?

The short answer is no. You cannot overdose on THC. However you can definitely overload yourself! Overloading is when you take too much and you feel terrible for several hours.

Warning! THC is poisonous for your dog. Although it has to eat 3 grams for every kilogram the dog weighs.

Will I become addicted?

Cannabis is not physically addicting. Just be aware that like anything, you can become psychologically dependent.You may also build a tolerance to THC over time. This means you have to eat more and more to get the same feeling.

If you find you need to consume cannabis to feel “normal”, please consider seeking help.

4. Legal Status of Cannabis and Edibles

For this topic, we’re only going to focus on Canada and the US.


Canada – Yes, it is legal.
What is legal? – dried or fresh cannabis flower, cannabis oil, gel caps, dissolve strips and seeds or plants for personal use at home.
You must be 18 or 19 years of age depending on the province or territory.

US – Depends where you are. Cannabis remains illegal Federally however some States have legalized the use and sale of cannabis for recreational purposes. Be careful, some States have legalized CBD but not THC. Although both can be present in cannabis, they are not the same thing.


Canada – Yes, they are legal!

What is legal? – Health Canada needs to approve every form of edible before it can be sold in a store. Right now, you’ll only find chocolates, gummy candy and mints, but more should be coming on the market as time goes on. Expect to see more things like drinks and mix powders become available as items become approved.

US – Depends where you are, again. If you’re in a State that has legalized recreational cannabis, chances are edibles are also legal.