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Oil and Butter Infuser

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Easily make edibles and infused foods at home one you've infused oil or butter in less than 2 hours with the Friendibles Oil and Butter Infuser. This product combines the best of ease and cost while promoting smart THC concentration tracking. It’s time to choose your own strength. With our method, you learn how to portion out THC by the teaspoon so you can personalize the concentration of THC in your infused foods. Quickly make treats with 1mg or 100mg while only using a portion of your cannabis! (based on 3.5g of cannabis with 25% THC)

Whats Included:
  • Instructions with THC dosing chart
  • Infusing pot
  • Aluminum grinder
  • Filter bags (10)
  • Air tight infusion container
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Product Details

All Friendibles products are cannabis accessories and do not contain any food, cannabis or cannabis products. They have been designed to promote the ideals of safe cannabis consumption and harm reduction. Don’t become another bad story. Learn responsible and friendly cannabis infusion!

The stainless steel infusion pot is made from 18wt% chromium and 8wt% nickel. That’s AISI 304 for all you metal-heads, premium stainless steel and the standard for commercial cookware.

Future offerings may use silicone for baking tray or molds. Silicone cookware has unique advantages over metal alternatives such as its flexibility and easy clean, non-stick surface. All food grade silicone items are dishwasher safe and can be used in the oven up to 430°F (220°C). Click to learn more about silicone bakeware.