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We’ve got the facts for you, backed by real science, not blog posts. Learn why smoking is different than eating and the secret super chemical your body makes for itself! Click the button to discover the details of how to cook fantastic infused meals. We provide specific examples and links to recipes.

Friendly Beginnings

Friendibles was started by friends Evan and Ciprian after hearing one bad story too many about overly potent edibles.

  • Mystery brownies at a backyard BBQ that leave you glued to your chair and unable to follow a conversation.
  • A casual user consuming a concentrated gummy bear that causes them to collapse while taking the ferry to Nanaimo.

Evan and Ciprian are both passionate about spreading enjoyment of edibles and wanted these bad stories to become history. Not only for their friends, but for everyone. Friendibles was founded to remove the stigma and with the mentality that edibles should be friendly. Every time you eat infused food should be a safe and pleasant experience. Knock out treats shouldn’t knock you out.

Friendibles Calgary Herald

From micro-dose to mega-dose, the Friendibles Oil & Butter Maker is the best product on the market for getting it right everytime.

Cannabis Oil and Butter Infuser

Easily make infused foods at home with the Friendibles Oil & Butter Maker. This product combines the best of ease and cost while promoting smart concentration tracking. It’s time to choose your own strength. With this Oil & Butter Maker, you can portion you oil or butter by the teaspoon so you can personalize the strength of your herbally infused foods. Quickly make delicious treats for a fun and relaxing time!

Works With:

Butter, Cream, Milk, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Sunflower oil, Canola oil, Beef tallow, Duck fat and Bacon fat.

Whats Included:
  • Instructions with dosing chart
  • Extraction pot – stainless steel
  • Aluminum spice mill – 2″ diameter
  • Filter bags (10) – biodegradable cotton
  • Air tight silicone container – with warning label

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New Articles

Holy No Smoke – What are Edibles?

Holy No Smoke – What are Edibles?

Cannabis edibles, also called weed edibles, marijuana edibles or simply edibles, are THC infused foods. THC is the active ingredient in cannabis that give people that “high”, the calming and uplifting feeling of euphoria or state of relaxation. THC is most commonly infused into butter and called “Canna-butter”.

The Low Down on Getting High

The Low Down on Getting High

Eating THC/CDB infused edibles may not have the same effects as smoking cannabis. Start slow, our low dose recipes are ideal! Expect a delay of 1-2 hours before feeling the effects of eating an edible.

Proper Dosing

Proper Dosing

How much will I need to feel a buzz?
How much is the equivalent of a drink?
Everyone’s body will respond differently to the same amount of THC/CBD. Low-dose edibles are the best way to figure out where the limit of your fun lives.