Press Release – Startup

9 September 2019
Press Release

Press Release – Start up of Friendibles

Two young entrepreneurs, a geophysicist and a chemical engineer, have founded a start-up business aiming at the cannabis industry to help diversify their local economy. Specifically looking at infused foods and desserts, their company, Friendibles, is hoping to take advantage of the excitement around recreational cannabis in Canada. However, the pair are betting on alternative services in the industry, rather than just being a Licensed Producer. “We recognized that Alberta is a market leader within Canada for cannabis and hope this is a real opportunity to build a new industry in the province,” says co-founder Evan. “Right now, cannabis has only been legalized in forms that promote smoking but we think that many people who are interested in it, don’t want to smoke. While edibles forms of cannabis are not yet available in stores, the law permits people to make their own for personal use.”

The main driver for their business is educating people about cannabis edibles, both making and consuming them. Ever since cannabis has become legalized for medical use, both home-made and black market edibles have been on the rise and they are usually very powerful. “We were inspired by a scary story of a friend eating a small gummy bear and then fainting while on public transit. The bear supposedly contained 35mg of THC, a powerful dose, but a number that doesn’t mean much to most folks,” said co-founder Chip. “We think that even the 10mg limit set by the Federal government will be too strong for most. What we ultimately want, is for people to be able to enjoy cannabis, without having to smoke it and without the worry that they are taking a high dose that they can’t handle.”

Even among seasoned cannabis users, edible forms of THC typically carry a bad stigma, that the effect will be too intense and will ruin your day. Chip and Evan want to use Friendibles to promote the mentality that cannabis edibles should enhance your time with friends. “Our focus is on lowering the per piece THC dose and empowering people to enjoy edibles with every bite,” added Evan.

Friendibles is planning to launch an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in September 2019 for an instructional Toolkit. The Toolkit has been designed by Chip and Evan and contains several unique tools and customized instructions to greatly simplify the full process; from dried cannabis, to ready-to-eat edibles. For more information, please contact