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4 September 2019

To get the best edibles, you’ll have to make your own Québec

It’s looking pretty official, no edible THC sweet treats if you’re in Quebec. Any infused food that is “attractive to minors” (to eat) will be banned in La Belle Province. While the proposed government policy is a blatant attack on desserts, it looks like the intent is to remove prepared cannabis foods from store shelves.

excited for infused food

Oils and butter will likely be permitted, and maybe some savoury foods. Good thing children don’t like to prepare their own desserts, or eat things like soup or hot sauce. If they did, they could become “accidentally poisoned” through the irresponsible behaviour of an adult.

Many sources are reporting this, including CBC and Bloomberg but the best discussion we found a bit closer to the issue, the Montreal branch of Eater magazine.

While we need to become masters at teaching our children not to consume cleaning supplies, pill-form medicine, colourful beads, Play-Doh and generally things that are found on the ground, Quebec just wants out of this one. They’re not total party poopers at least since they’re allowing us some options for consumption other than smoking.

If you want something sweet, I guess that means you’ll have to figure out how to make your own somehow. Maybe something like a Friendibles Toolkit.


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