The Legality of Edibles

2 May 2019

Are Edibles Legal?

This article has been archived. Edibles are now legal in Canada.


Edibles in Canada

The creation and consumption of THC infused edibles is currently legal for private use only. This means you are permitted to make them at home from cannabis that you purchased legally. Buying or selling infused foods or drink is illegal, whether it is online or in a store. It is expected that Health Canada will be permitting legal sale of edibles starting 17 October 2019. Administration of legal sales will differ depending on the Province and may be slower to appear on shelves in some areas. Global News provided a great feature that gives a lot of overview of the current situation.

Edibles in the USA

Cannabis and THC consumption for recreational or medical uses is currently illegal at the Federal level, however some States have made it legal in one or both categories. In the States where cannabis is legal for recreational consumption, THC infused edibles are also typically legal. This link is a little old but it can be used as a great guideline.

In either case, this information is not legal advice or counsel. If you are unsure, please check you local laws and regulations.