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Hello Retailers!

Friendibles is dedicated to being the expert in edible forms of cannabis! We’ve collected a large body of knowledge that compliments and expands on what is provided by the AGLC Sellsafe Training. Our specialty is simplified and effective communication of that knowledge to your staff and your customers. This knowledge helps staff promote responsible cannabis consumption and helps consumers make safer and more enjoyable choices for their consumption.


We offer some limited consumer products that compliment our customer training that are available for wholesale. The primary product is a cannabis accessory for making THC infused oil and butter.


Services (free!)

Our services for staff include in-store training and private cannabis extraction demonstrations. For your customers, we provide in-store info sessions. The information for either is very similar, however the delivery is tailored to meet the audience’s needs.

Topics covered in training session:

  • Onset and Peak, how THC travels through your body
  • Bioavailability and Tolerance of THC
  • Decarboxylation, the conversion of inactive cannabinoids to psychoactive
  • Extraction of THC
  • Portioning for your THC sweet spot


If you’re interested in any of our services or putting Friendibles Oil/Butter Infusers on your shelves please contact us at